Music, peace, summer, love, vintage, the 60s, black and white photos, colored photos, quotes, boho, glam-rock, dirty-rock, relaxing, bracelets, rings, glitter, skinny, doll-face, original, reading amazing books, nice people, poetry, andy warhol, movies, art, concerts, magazines, money, cherry or strawberry flavored lip stuff, sunset, cold peach flavored ice tea, make-up, vegetarian food, vegan food, lust, my win-win situations, tumblr, xanga, models, the clean feeling after a shower, fairness, dancing, singing, pointless videos i make, good company, true friends, beach, summer, black skirts, long hair, roses, men, women, photo-journalism, light scented perfume, nail polish, sweet talkers, kittens, baby tigers, zip up jackets, sunshine, sexy, confident, open minded people, candles, white lights that are meant for Christmas trees, a bunch of stuff.

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